Welcome to the NICE Indonesia Profile page, where we share our inspiring journey in creating a positive impact and empowering communities.

Empowering communities through capacity development for a better Indonesia

NICE Indonesia is committed to empowering communities through a series of holistic capacity development services. Through this approach, NICE Indonesia aims to create a significant positive impact in managing funds, designing programs that have a strong impact, and overall human development. The following are further details regarding the services provided by NICE Indonesia:

Institutional Vision

Center of excellence in the education and civil society sectors for Indonesia's sustainable development.

First Mission

Capacity Increase

NICE Indonesia is committed to strengthening communities and organizations through targeted consulting services and holistic capacity building.

Second Mission

Collaborative Work Ecosystem

NICE Indonesia is building a collaborative work ecosystem by establishing a global network that enables the exchange of ideas, resources and innovation.

Third Mission

Professional and Globally Competitive

NICE Indonesia has the ambition to become a social enterprise that is not only professional in every aspect of service, but also accountable for the impact it produces.


Our Perfect Team

Novi Hardian, S.Si

Project Management Office (PMO) Manager

Novi Hardian, S.Si, is a talented and committed professional who heads the Project Management Office (PMO) function with high dedication


Operational & Logistics Manager

Handriyana, a dedicated Operational & Logistics Manager, brings her energy and expertise to manage and improve Operational & Logistics affairs to achieve Effective, Efficient and Productive results

Mira Lefiana, A.Md

Admin Officer

Mira Lefiana, A.Md, is an Admin Officer who plays a key role in supporting the daily operations of an organization with administrative reliability.

Armita Dwi Fairuz, SS

Project Admin Officer

Armita Dwi Fairuz, SS, is a Project Admin who plays an important role in managing and supporting the implementation of organizational projects.

Raisa Annisa Farid, SP

Project Officer

Raisa Annisa Farid, SP, is a Project Officer who is highly dedicated to managing and advancing organizational projects.

Maya Syafira, S. Social Welfare

Project Officer

Maya Syafira, S.Kesos, is a passionate Project Officer, bringing dedication and skills in managing projects to achieve a positive impact in society

Syafiq Umar

Media & Publications

Syafiq Umar is an experienced and talented professional in the field of Media & Publication. With a strong background in the industry.

Fajar Cahya W

General Affairs

Fajar Cahya W is a professional who has extensive expertise and experience in the field of General Affairs. With a solid background in human resources management and general administration.